Facebook 2FA scammers return – this time in just 21 minutes – Naked Security

Have you ever come really close to clicking a phishing link simply through coincidence?

We’ve had a few surprises, such as when we bought a mobile phone from a click-and-collect store a couple of years back.

Having lived outside the UK for many years before that, this was our first-ever purchase from this particular business for well over a decade…

… Yet the very next morning we received an SMS message claiming to be from this very store, advising us we’d overpaid and that a refund was waiting.

Not only was this our first interaction with Brand X for ages, it was also the first-ever SMS (genuine or otherwise) we’d ever received that mentioned Brand X.

What’s the chance of THAT happening?

(Since then, we’ve made a few more purchases from X, ironically including another mobile phone following the discovery that phones do not always do well in bicycle prangs, and we’ve had several more SMS scam messages targeting X, but they ‘ve never lined up quite so believably.)

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