Know your enemy! Learn how cybercrime adversaries get in… – Naked Security

Over on our sister site, Sophos Newswe’ve just published some fascinating and informative insights into cybercriminals…

… Answering the truly practical question, “How do they do it?”

In theory, the crooks can (and do) use any and all of thousands of different attack techniques, in any combination they like.

In real life, however, good risk management says that it’s smart to focus on the biggest problems first, even if they’re not the most glamorous or exciting cybersecurity topics to get stuck into.

So, in real life, what really works for the cybercrooks when they initiate an attack?

Just as importantly, what sort of things do they do once they’ve broken in?

How long do they tend to stick around in your network once they’ve created a beachhead?

How important is it to find and treat the underlying cause of an attack, instead of just dealing with the obvious symptoms?

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