That didn’t last! Microsoft turns off the Office security it just turned on – Naked Security

Remember 1999?

Well, the Melissa virus just called, and it’s finding life tough in 2022.

It’s demanding a return to the freewheeling days of the last millennium, when Office macro viruses did not face the trials and tribulations that they do today.

In the 1990s, you could insert VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macro code into documents at will, email them to people, or ask them to download them from a website somewhere…

… And then you could just totally take over their computer!

In fact, it was even better / worse that that.

If you created a macro subroutine with a name that mirrored one of the common menu items, such as FileSave or FilePrintthen your code would magically and invisibly be invoked whenver the user activated that option.

Worse still, if you gave your macro a name like AutoOpenthen it would run every time the document was opened, even if the user only wanted to look at it.

And if you installed your macros into a central repository known as the global templateyour macros would automatically apply all the time.

Worst of all, perhaps, an infected document could implant macros into the global template, thus infecting the computer, and the same macros (when they detected they were running from the global template but the document you just opened was uninfected) could copy themselves back out again.

That led to regular “perfect storms” of fast-spreading and long-running macro virus outbreaks.

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